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Established in 1978, by Antonio Ambrosino, we are qualified and always available to consult with our clients to offer our knowledge and expertise in the field of General Construction. Our clientele includes Architects, Engineers, Retail Establishments, Commercial, Industrial and Residential Professionals and Consumers. We at Ambrosino Construction broadly specialize in Demolition, Excavation, Concrete, Massive Steel Structures, Brick, Tile, Carpentry, Roofing, and Painting. We have taken part in hundreds of successful projects ranging from beautifully designed luxury homes to architecturally thrilling structures, to retail strip malls with an expertise touch in commercial fit-outs. We have also taken part in the handling of renovations and preservations of already existing buildings. In addition, we are also one of the leading developers in the revitalization of the old Broadway, in Brooklyn, New York. Most importantly, Ambrosino Construction exhibits superior cost control efficiency, while utilizing the premiere quality of materials. Our knowledgeable, dedicated, and helpful staff is able to guide our clients through every stage of the construction process. We take great pride in our work to ensure a job exceptionally done. Our strong attention to detail and passion for architecture are one of the many reasons why our greatly valued clients have chosen us at Ambrosino Construction to oversee countless projects throughout the years.

Construction Specialties

Construction Management

  • Manage our projects from inception to completion
  • Coordinate the use of all equipment, materials, subcontractors, etc., as needed
  • Ambrosino Construction Corp. has more than 40 years in the business, and president Antonio Ambrosino is personally involved in every project
  • Ambrosino has experienced workers in all different fields - a total of 150 years of combined experience

New Construction

  • Can build from the ground up
  • Willing and able to take on new building projects as our scheduling permits
  • Ambrosino designs are award-winning - for example, was recognized by the Queens & Bronx Building Association for excellence in design and construction, as well as the Queens Chamber of Commerce for excellence in construction

Alterations / Tenant Fit Outs

  • Can adjust spaces to allow for apartments/tenants
  • Plan out apartment layouts of any building, floor by floor

Demolition / Excavation

  • Structure teardown/removal
  • Clear out land (including digging out lots and trenches) to allow for foundation and/or basement work done by heavy machinery (such as bulldozers, backhoes and dragline excavators)
  • Execute excavations of earth, rock, muck, topsoil, or unclassified (combination of materials)

Foundations and Underpinning

  • Create structural foundations, as needed; however, it is more economical to work on a current structure's foundation than to build a new one
  • Can build underpinning to strengthen existing foundations
  • Can build underpinning to increase the depth or load capacity of existing foundations to support the addition of another story to the building (above or below grade)
  • Types of underpinning include beam and base, mass concrete, mini-piled

Concrete & Masonry

  • Work with concrete, which is not only the most common but also sustainable building material
  • Masonry work using brick, tile and building stone such as marble, granite, travertine & limestone
  • Construct stone work/walls/retaining walls

Structural Steel

  • Used to produce building skeletons and/or massive steel structures
  • Can be used with reinforced concrete
  • Can be developed into almost any shape, either bolted or welded together in construction

Storefront Systems

  • Work on commercial properties and spaces
  • Build and prepare spaces for business


  • Natural wood work
  • Execute cutting, shaping and installation of building materials during construction
  • Install building elements such as cabinetry, doors, flooring, framing, insulation, interior trim, siding, solid surface, roofing, windows

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